We provide Flexible Learning Solutions for both Individual & Business needs.

Who We Are

We are a long standing and credible learning provider with over 27 years’ experience of L&D.

Only four times per century are there two moons, both of which occur in one year. Dust and tiny particles in the atmosphere scatter light in different directions making the moon appear blue or even blazing red.

This is why we chose our name, as we too offer something truly spectacular and very rare. We engage with you and your company to understand your business and then provide a blended learning solution to meet both group and individual needs.

Our blended training solutions provide for a combination of learning experiences all of which can be customised to your organisation.

Facilitator-Led Training

Organisational Training and Development Consultancy Services

Blazing Moon Corporate Training provides full management consultancy services with regard to the development of the organisation together with individual training plans. Our M.D. performs this role herself and due to her credibility in the marketplace and experience in education and training over the last twenty-six years, she is able to consult to all levels of management. This service is ideal for corporate clients requiring help with the development of their company, group and individual training plans, as it covers all aspects of staff self-development, and what is required to have motivated and qualified staff performing to their full potential.

Management Development

At various large corporations we have developed and run management and leadership programmes on issues such as Management Development, Team Development, EQ Leadership, and Performance Management. Our Leadership programmes ensures alignment of a company’s most important asset, the people, to the core business strategy. This approach ensures enhanced organisation service delivery to their client and guarantees return on investment.

Soft Skill Solution Development and Delivery

Blazing Moon provides a host of soft skill development solutions for organisations within the areas of Personal Developmental, Business Development, Team Development, Management and Leadership, Sales & Customer Services and Project Management.

End-User Computer Training

Our training is varied from providing individual and group training on end-user products and also supports training delivery of the Microsoft courses (versions 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016) on products of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, SharePoint and Projects.

Our Mission:

Integrity, innovation, collaboration, passion, simplicity: Putting People First People are the most valuable part of any business. Therefore, we are committed to maintaining a people-friendly culture focused on providing opportunities for both personal and professional growth.

Our Milestones:

Formation of Blazing Moon, leader of corporate training for MS Office skills to the S.A. Market. Servicing verticals in finance, and insurance sectors of business.
Development and supply of Soft Skills training to existing customers across areas of Business Development skills, Intrapersonal Skills, and Management and Leadership Skills.
Accreditation with SETA statutory bodies for all courses presented-MICT Seta for full suite of Microsoft Office courses, including Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, Project and SharePoint.
Prolific customization of MS Office Skills and Soft Skills courses/modules to client businesses to incorporate business drivers and strategic plans. Major expansion of Blazing Moon support services and training management and consulting to corporate business.
Further expansion of training course offerings to the retail and travel service industries relevant to Sales and Service, Customer Retention, and Management and Leadership Skills.
Full accreditation with Services SETA for all Soft Skills short courses and accreditation for Learnership programmes offered in business customer verticals in:


  • National Diploma – Contact Center Management, ID 21792, NQF 5, Credits 241, Duration – over 12 months;
  • Further Education and Training Certificate: Contact Centre Operations, ID 93996, NQF 4, Credits 132, Duration – over 12 months;
  • National Certificate: Contact Centre and Business Process Outsourcing Support, ID 80566, LP I.D 93997, NQF 3, Credits 124, Duration – over 12 months;
  • Further Education and Training Certificate: Business Administration Services, ID 61595, NQF 4, Credits 140, Duration – over 12 months;
  • National Certificate: Generic Management, ID 59201, NQF 5, Credits 162, Duration – over 12 months;
  • National Certificate: Management, ID 83946, NQF 4, Credits 120, Duration – over 12 months;
  • National Certificate: Information Technology End User Computing, ID 49077, NQF 3, Credits 130, Duration – over 12 months.

Accreditation with SETA statutory bodies for all courses presented-MICT Seta for full suite of Microsoft Office courses, including Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, Project and SharePoint.
Additional modularized training for versions of MS Office suite of products. Customization of Soft Skills programmes to corporate business relevant to management and leadership interventions.

Launch of eLearning available locally and internationally.

For further information on our facilitator-led training solutions, go to www.blazingmoon.co.za or see our library of  eLearning solutions.
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